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Contact: Eliana Munro


December 6 2018

CHICAGO – Working in a health care facility is different from working in any other environment. A new certification program offered by the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) helps workers in facility management and construction understand the complexities of the health care physical environment and helps hospitals reduce risks associated with construction.

The Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker program (commonly referred to as the ASHE worker certification) covers important topics such as construction in health care facilities; infection control and prevention; fire and life safety; and utility system shutdowns. The certification from ASHE, a professional membership group of the American Hospital Association, is keenly focused on patient safety.

For contractors and subcontractors, passing the online certification exam can demonstrate to employers that they are ready to work in a hospital or other health care facility. For hospitals and health systems, the ASHE worker certification can help reduce risks associated with construction while saving time on internal orientation programs.

“Hospitals are different. We operate around the clock and we work hard to protect our patients from construction issues that may be common in other types of buildings, such as dust or noise,” said ASHE Deputy Executive Director Chad Beebe, AIA, CHFM, FASHE. “By requiring workers to earn this new certification, hospitals can reduce risks by ensuring people working in their facilities understand important patient safety concepts.”

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