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Hosted Programs from ASHE

Hard to get your team or organization to professional development opportunities? ASHE can bring that education directly to you! Since 1963, ASHE has been at the forefront of applying innovations in the optimization of the health care physical environment. ASHE’s hosted programs provide you the ability to host ASHE-developed education programming directly to your organization, community or region. 


Unlike other training opportunities in the marketplace, ASHE hosted programs provide:

  1. Unbiased, holistic education on a variety of important topics that impact you daily
  2. Insights from trusted industry veterans with experience across the planning, design, construction and maintenance continuum
  3. An education product portfolio built from decades at the forefront of optimizing the health care physical built environment



Bring ASHE’s 60 Years of Experience Directly to Your Doorstep

Leveraging ASHE’s expert faculty members with decades of experience in the field, the myriad of programs will work to improve skills, achieve compliance and gain certification — all developed with support of the talented, nation-wide ASHE community. 


Extend Your Learning & Development Investments

ASHE hosted programs provide a more economical approach to professional development than sending individuals or teams to an off-site program for several days, which adds on travel and lodging expenses, and subtracts valuable time on the premises from your organization’s ongoing projects. At a time when professional development budgets are getting tighter than ever, you can’t find a more economical approach to your team’s professional development than an ASHE hosted program.  

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Save the Time & Expenses of Building Your Own Curriculum

Hosted programs allow health care organizations, private companies, government and military groups, and ASHE chapters to deliver the highest quality educational programming focused on optimizing the health care physical environment in the marketplace without having to spend money to develop that training curriculum on your own. Programming ASHE hosted programs that align with ASHE’s core competency frameworks and product pathways can help your customers, members and community to successfully progress in their career development. 



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