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Water Management Program Development

Protect your patients and your organization with guidance on how to develop a comprehensive water management program at your facility.

Water management is necessary for patient safety and comfort, pathogen control, and the maintenance of machines and supplies. Dive into the complexities of effective water management programs in this one-day workshop. Increase your facility’s compliance with codes, standards and guides that reference water management in health care.

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Learn from experts in the field how to avoid sources and transmission of infections and communicable diseases at your facility through the development of an active utility management plan. Find out what you and your team will need in order to create high-quality water treatment plans that gain wide institutional buy-in to help ensure the plan’s successful application.

What you will learn:

  • Create a comprehensive water management system for your facility. 
  • Identify different types and uses of water in a health care facility. 
  • List the different waterborne pathogens and identify mitigation options for each. 
  • Identify equipment and water uses that present a risk for infection in health care settings. 



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