The Facility Manager's Handbook for Health Care Project Management

ASHE The Facility Manager's Handbook for Health Care Project Management

This handbook lays out the processes and flow of a health care project, including planning, design and construction. It takes a sequential approach to each topic, addressing planning first, then the various design phases, construction of the project, and the operations and management throughout the project and following.

Table of Contents Overview:

  • Part 1: Planning
  • Part 2: Design
  • Part 3: Bidding
  • Part 4: Construction
  • Part 5: Operational Considerations
  • Appendices

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Supplementary Resource

Construction Project Delivery
Methods Flowchart

Construction Project Delivery Methods Flowchart thumbnail

ASHE authorizes the copy, use and customization of this flowchart, by health care facilities for non-commercial use only. In consideration of this authorization, the user agrees that any copy of this document which the user makes shall retain all copyright and other proprietary notices that may be contained therein. ASHE accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or the completeness of the information in this document.


The Facility Manager's Guide to Health Care Project Management Planning, Design, Construction and More:

Publication details:

Product Code 055764 (Print) | P055764 (Digital)
Pages 105
Category Health Care Facilities Management
Author ASHE
Published 2023

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