Project Management

Health care facility project management includes planning, design and construction. It requires a sequential approach to each step, addressing planning first, then the various design phases, construction of the project, and the operations and management throughout the project and following.

ASHE ICRA 2.0™ includes several improvements and clarifications to help in prevention planning for construction projects.
The current trajectory of investments in health facilities is not sustainable with funding falling short of the ballooning need.
Leaders of UCMC’s digital innovation provide insight into the benefits of combining healthcare and academic capital project management data for optimal program results.
This tool leverages existing core infection control risk assessment (ICRA) principles to establish a framework for water safety management during health care construction and renovation projects.
Lunch & Learn | Learn through cases studies on how vacuum plumbing has provided “future proofing” for healthcare facilities.
Lunch & Learn | Learn how you can keep your hospitals and clients safe with up-to-date healthcare flushing best practices that mitigate the risk of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.
This document outlines a team approach, starting with the health care organization leadership setting the expectations and cyber-risk mitigation tone for the project. When executive leadership empowers information technology, operational technology and facilities professionals, an effective cyber-…
STI shows the best practices for building a solid Standard Operating Procedure for compliance processes in Life Safety barriers in the facility.