ASHE ICRA 2.0™ Toolkit

Tap into a comprehensive toolkit to address the need for a unified ICRA process and improve patient protection. The purpose of the ICRA process is to ensure that patients, staff, workers, and visitors are properly protected from infectious diseases while we work on providing an improved healing environment.



Start here with two complimentary tools: Matrix of Precautions for Construction, Renovation and Operations and Infection Control Risk Assessment and Permit. 


Process Guide

Process Guide

Your how-to manual for successfully engaging the ASHE ICRA 2.0TM tool and process. Plus how to engage an ICRA team and detailed guidance about mitigation control.    

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Two learning opportunities to enhance and round out the toolkit. Take the online course at your own pace or take it to the next level with a train-the-trainer program.


E-Learning Course



Download the ASHE ICRA 2.0
Tool and Permit

Matrix of Precautions | Assessment and Sample Permit

Team Training Pocket Guide

Because of the critical nature of comprehensive infection prevention, ASHE has made its ICRA 2.0 tool and sample permit available to the general public.

Review explanations of recent edits to ASHE ICRA 2.0.



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