Introduction to Health Care Facilities Management

Introduction to Health Care Facilities Management cover

This award-winning, in-depth 130+ page introductory book provides an orientation to the dynamic field of health care facilities management. Along the way, we provide tips and anecdotes from seasoned health care professionals that will be valuable to newcomers, engaging to experienced HFMs and thought-provoking to other health care professionals.

Table of Contents Overview:

  • Introduction to Health Care Facilities Management
  • What Health Care Facilities Managers Do
  • Specific Types of Health Care Facilities
  • Hospital Organization and Departments
  • The Business of Health Care
  • Appendix: What to Do in Your First 30 Days on the Job

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Available in digital and print versions!

ASHE received two awards in 2022 for its publication Introduction to Health Care Facilities Management. ASHE received a Bronze Medal Axiom Award in the category of Business Reference and an APEX Award of Excellence in the category of Print Media – Education & Training. Learn more here. 

Bronze Axiom Award           Apex Award 2022

Look inside Introduction to Health Care Facilities Management:

Publication details:

Product Code 055562 (Print) | P055562 (Digital)
Pages 129
Category Health Care Facilities Management
Author ASHE
Published 2020

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