Success Stories - Russell Regional Hospital

Overview of Case Study

Russell Regional went from good to great in hospital energy efficiency by focusing beyond energy and taking advantage of its situation. The hospital had a motivated
maintenance team, equipment nearing the end of its useful life, a new director of plant operations, and a CEO who had experience with using energy projects to drive overall hospital priorities. Russell Regional aligned these forces to achieve unrivaled energy performance.

The new director of plant operations, Steve Adams, noticed the enthusiasm of his facility maintenance team of Chris Harders, Scott Newacheck, Clarence Larson, and Tim Howard. This team was taking advantage of small opportunities to decrease operations costs. They were also building trust. These small projects demonstrated the team was serious about finding opportunities, and the administration knew the team had a foundation worthy of investment.

This story illustrates the incredible results possible when you couple a motivated maintenance staff and organizational emphasis on energy reduction. Enthusiasm and support can lead to huge opportunities.

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