American Hospital Association guides and reports for members and the health care field.

This supplement focuses on the roles of two leaders—the Facility Engineer and the Infection Preventionist—and how they can collaborate in all mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery stages.
ASHE has developed 52 actionable ECMs in eight categories to help facilities management teams better manage energy use and advance your health care facility’s sustainability journey.
Learn how your health care facility’s energy reduction efforts compare to national benchmarks with this report.
A how-to guide for optimizing health care facility performance. The Health Facility Commissioning Handbook provides step-by-step instructions for implementing the health facility commissioning process outlined in its companion volume, the Health Facility Commissioning Guidelines. Because of their…
ASHE has released Ventilation Guidance and Quick Guidesto help make knowledgeable decisions regarding ventilation in health care settings
This report from HKS and Arup, with peer review and collaboration from ASHE walks through design strategies that can help facilities stay operational and safe during a pandemic.
Expanded analysis of Health Facilities Management 2012 compensation survey by primary area of responsibility, organizational setting, number of beds, etc.
First significant benchmarking effort in health care facility management operations based on information collected by IFMA and ASHEDOWNLOAD NOW 
This collection of articles will help health care facilities professionals understand and prepare for new trends that experts anticipate emerging in the near future of our field.